Toyota Fortuner Facelifted coming to india in 2012

Toyota Fortuner Facelifted coming to india in 2012.



Toyota has unveiled the face lifted model of the widely accepted SUV,Toyota fortuner this month.The new face lifted fortuner is avaible now in thailand market and will be shipped to india in 2012.The new design gives firtuner,much more impressive and aggressive nose.The new stretched head lamps and restyled bonnet are other highlights.The re profiled bumber and  front grills are almost similar to Land Cruiser.

There are few changes in the interior also.The seat and the dash board is changed.Clear tail lamp is used apart from the previous Fortuner .The roof-rack and scuff plate are optional.

The new faclifted 2012 model Toyota Fortuner is powered by 3.0-litre common-rail diesel motor @ 169 bhp.This is the same motor used by Toyota Prado and Land Cruiser.Toyota is also planning to launch an automatic model also in 2012 in india.They also introduced a system called “Diamond Tech” that allows the 32-bit ECU to more precisely detect operating conditions within the injection system, improving fuel efficiency. New injectors feature a new “diamond-like” carbon coating that makes the process more efficient, as well as lengthening the life of the injectors and related combustion process components. The variable-geometry turbo also sees its relationship with the ECU improved, for a faster flow of more detailed information.






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